We have been in the classroom for almost three months observing, giving lessons, talking with and connecting with the children. It is important for us to build rapport with the children just as you would with colleagues in a new workplace. We see that the children have handled the transition to having Ms. Ashli as their new teacher with grace and she looks forward to growing these relationships as we move through the school year together.

Montessori Connection

Empathy is a learned skill. The more in-tune children are with their feelings, the more empathy they can learn to show towards others. Here’s an easy way to check in with your child or when you have a relatively quiet time together as a family…it’s important for the kids to understand and hear you talk about your feelings, too!

Family Feelings check-in questions:

What is something that made you feel sad today?

What is something that made you feel happy today?

How were you a good friend to someone today?

What is something you are looking forward to tomorrow?


Song Lyrics:

Jack O’lantern! jack o’lantern!

You are such a funny sight

As you sit there in the window

Looking out at the night

You were once a yellow pumpkin,

Growing on a sturdy vine

Now you are a jackolantern

See the candlelight shine.

By Lois Holt