Summer Program

Little Hoku Montessori Academy hosts weekly summer program camps starting in June through July. Kids build friendships and learn new skills through adventure and exploration.

Summer Program Weekly Camp Themes

  • Week 1: Ocean

    Come learn about all the different ocean creatures while exploring the mysteries of the deep sea through fun and adventure. Your child will participate in hands-on learning opportunities designed to teach them about marine mammal, tropical bird, sharks, sting rays, and sea turtle biology and conservation.

  • Week 2: Zoo

    During zoo week we will be sharing lots of wild animal games and activities for your child to play on their own and with a caregiver. With these arts and crafts projects, books, and a few bonus activities too, your child will be as busy as a bee!

  • Week 3: Nature and Flowers

    Nurture your child's sense of wonder and curiosity with activities that help them connect to nature! Sneak through the trees, pretend in a magical forest, explore for birds, insects, plants, and animals. Give your kiddos a chance to uncover the wonders of the natural world through play, exploration, games, and crafts!

  • Week 4: Space and 4th of July

    Space is the place! Come explore the mysteries of the universe, through arts and crafts, scientific experiments, and engineering projects. And while we are at it, let's celebrate America's birthday!

  • Week 5: Music

    Enrich your kids with communication through the art of music. This week we’ll be sharing lots of musical games and activities for your child. Students will learn about different instruments and begin their introduction to music appreciation.

  • Week 6: Around the World

    A world explorers camp is a great way to teach geography skills and expose children to other cultures. Most importantly, you can nurture a love for exploration and a sense of respect and empathy for other ways of life. Through simple crafts and fun activities you can spark curiosity about other cultures and set the foundation for further exploration.

  • Week 7: Sports/Olympics

    Our Sports/Olympics week is ideal for families who want child care that provides daily exercise and activity options. Students that sign up will have the option to participate in a variety of different sports and fun activities.

Summer Program Signup and Forms

For inquiries regarding our summer program, please contact us at


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