Applying to Little Hoku

Please complete the admissions application before filling out any other forms. We process admissions within one week of receiving the application. We will notify you immediately after we make the decision.

Finally, please do not fill out any other forms until we notify you of the admissions decision.

Enrolling/Registering at Little Hoku Montessori Academy

2022-23 Academic Year & Summer Camp Forms

* Indicate required forms

Hawaii State Mandated Forms

The documents linked below are available on the Hawaii state agency websites. Complete the required forms when your child is enrolling in our preschool. You can also find them on the Department of Human Services Childcare page.

Required Health Forms

Complete the student health record (Form 14) that includes one of the following:
1. A physical examination (PE) and all required immunizations, OR,
2. A signed statement or a medical appointment card from your child’s doctor. The statement must prove that your child is in the process of completing missing immunizations or the PE.
You can also find more information about Form 14 on the Department of Education page.