It is March! Can you believe it?!

As usual we are having such lovely days in the classroom. 🙂 Our new students are settling in, having lots of lessons, and learning our routines and procedures. We have lots of great work happening with our sandpaper letters. There have been very interesting explorations with our sensorial materials like the brown stair and red rods. With these materials the children gain an impression of dimension like, thick/thin and long/short, while practicing sequence. All of this while designing race tracks and towers!

Play and Work/Work and Play

In our classroom we use the word work to describe the activities available on the shelf. Sometimes I use the word play as well, asking the children, “What do you want to play with?” or “What do you want to work with?”. Wouldn’t it be great if all of our work felt like play? This is the kind of experience I hope for the children in our class. Learning should be fun! The Montessori materials provide this kind of game like feeling, while engaging in academic practice.

Mango Fandango (lyrics to one of our favorite songs)


Mama mama, I want a mango,
Papa papa, please papaya
No no nana, a ripe banana.
Kiwi kiwi kiwi kiwi quince!

Red berries, berries blue,
These are fruits so good for you.
Cherries cherries sweet and new
And coconuts yes they’re fruits too!


Orange oranges, lemons yellow,
Fill my tummy sweet and mellow
Vitamins grown on a tree
In pretty packages for you and me.

( Chorus )

Dates to Remember


  • Please sign up for flowers, apples, bananas, and tangerines. If you haven’t signed up for one of those items in a while, please take a turn with one of the categories. These practical life activities are some of the favorites of the class. Mahalo!
  • Please remember to pack a fork/spoon for your child if they need one with their lunch.