Aloha families,

Thank you all who could make it for coming to our holiday party! It was so nice to see such a large group of folks outside in our yard enjoying. What a delightful opportunity it was to share some of our favorite songs. Our special guest from the North Pole really made the event festive.

Speaking of festive, ‘tis the season for lots of merry-making and celebrating. This month in the classroom we are celebrating the Winter Solstice and preparing for the New Year focusing on the interconnectedness of all living things on Earth. Each week we focus on a different aspect of our world and reflect upon its gifts. This past week we celebrated the mineral kingdom, reminding us of the beauty of our natural world in the form of rocks, seashells, and crystals. Also, this week we will celebrate the plant kingdom, followed by the animal kingdom, and humans. We have a display in our class where we have a concrete representation and four candles to light as the month progresses. In addition, we will have activities that explore these aspects of our world, such as stringing seashells and making gifts for our loved ones.

I would love to share many traditions from this time of year that celebrate the return of light. Please let me know if you are interested in coming into the classroom to share something special your family does to celebrate this time of year. We would love to share special foods, crafts, stories, or songs.

Wishing you all a happy start to this holiday season!

Ms. Eva