I am so excited to welcome February! We have two fun holidays this month, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. Both of these celebrations inspire lots of bright colored crafts with hearts and sparkle:-) Over the next couple of weeks, we will be making paper lanterns, heart garlands, heart prints, and handmade Valentines. There will also be invitations for writing names and messages.

Welcome February Celebrations

We are focusing on love and kindness this month. Love of themselves, each other, family, their school… anything that warms the heart. I will be introducing our love lights. These are yellow circles that can be worn to symbolize the warm feeling we have in our heart. If you hear your child talk about their “love light shining brightly”, that is the language we will be using to describe that feeling.

Valentine’s Day

You are invited to bring Valentines for each student in the class (we have 18 children).

Please bring them to school by Friday, February 12. We will have bags provided and will distribute them. Please do not write each child’s name that the Valentine is for, but do encourage your child to sign their name at whatever level they are comfortable with. Even one letter or a personalized scribble adds a nice touch. 🙂


  • Potty Talk- I know many of you are struggling with the amount of potty talk your child may be using. The tricky thing is that every time these words are used at school and someone laughs, it reinforces the behavior. At home, if you give a big reaction to this kind of language you reinforce the behavior through providing negative attention. One thing to try is to stay as neutral as possible and work to guide the conversation to another subject or engage in a different experience
  • During pick up please wait for Ms. Lory or I to open the gate. Only the teachers may open the

Song Sharing

I Think You’re Wonderful

I think you’re wonderful.

When somebody says that to me, I feel wonderful,

As wonderful can be.

It makes me want to say,

The same thing to somebody new. And by the way,

I’ve been meaning to say,

I think you’re wonderful too.