Building Love of Art

We loved the field trip to the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center this past Tuesday (November 5th)! It was very inspirational to bring the children to the beautiful facility and have them led through an in depth, perfectly appropriate arts project.

The teaching artist who led our workshop was wonderful! At Little Hoku, we work with watercolor, but the techniques the teaching artist shared were beyond my expertise. The knowledge he shared definitely enhanced the children’s watercolor work upon returning to the classroom.

They used more of the white space on the paper, incorporated more shapes, and were better at getting the correct amount of paint on their brush. I loved that the project was mixed media, combining other skills, like cutting and gluing to create a really special piece of art, inspired by nature. I also loved the connection with the butterfly and native Hawaiian flowers.

This program is of great value as it builds on the children’s innate love of art, providing a rich ‘studio’ experience, which has a more elevated feel than how art is experienced in the classroom.

In addition to the workshop, we got to tour the grounds, including the pottery atelier and other art installations on the property. A big highlight was the little coconut faces and running on the grassy field. 🙂

Ms. Eva