Creating the Autumn Feel in the Art Room

Our classroom has been abuzz with activity. 🙂 The leaves that everyone painted are hanging from a found branch in the art room, creating a very autumnal feel. We have also been working on another process art project where the children painted with watercolor, then washed over their painting with glue and water before sprinkling dried flowers on top. This has been a fun multi-step project and I’ve loved continuing the life of the flowers brought in for flower arranging. Thank you all again for all of your flower donations. Another fun activity has been picking the petals off of the already arranged flowers on Friday that would otherwise be thrown away. I have some other art projects waiting in the wings that will make use of these flower petals as well.

Working With Sounds

Ms. Kirstan has brought new life into our work with sounds, incorporating a fresh take on our bring me game. The kids love playing this game with her and working to recognize the cursive sounds. Those that already know most of the sounds have moved on to writing with the Movable Alphabet and beginning phonetic reading. I love seeing the child light up as they read/ decipher words for the first time. Reading in our Montessori classroom is a lot of fun, using scavenger hunts and acting out verbs. 

Puppet Sewing

We have had some very creative puppet making going on as well from our sewing shelf. Ideas for creating puppets that I never even thought about! The children are inspiring each other, teaching each other, and helping each other in ways I only dreamed about. I look forward to adding in new projects in the months to come as well.


  • Does anyone have any favorite recipes for simple vegan baked goods? We have a small toaster oven and I would like to begin some baking activities on our Practical Life shelf. I’m very excited about this:-))

Song Sharing:

5 Little Pumpkins

5 Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate.

The first one said, “Oh my, it’s getting late!”

The second one said, “There are witches in the air.”

The third one said, “But we don’t care!”

The fourth one said, “It’s time to have some fun!”

The fifth one said, “Let’s run and run and run!”

Then, Whoosh went the wind

And out (clap) went the lights.

And the 5 little pumpkins rolled out of sight.

Feedback Request

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Hope you have a wonderful fall break!