Halloween: Our Beloved Celebration!

Halloween is here!! There has been lots of excitement in the air as we approach this beloved celebration. We have been busy hammering holes into our pumpkin, making pumpkin prints with apples, and creating ghosts to hang from a branch in the art room. Some of my favorite songs to sing with the children celebrate this time of year:-) We just can’t get enough of 5 Little Pumpkins, Full Moon Overhead, and Jack O’ Lantern. There are a couple of stories that are just perfect for acting out with our afternoon group as well. This week we brought Big Pumpkin to life and today will act out The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything. In our afternoon group, the children helped me scoop out seeds for our Jack O’ Lantern, enjoying the gooey sensation. They each wanted to take a pumpkin seed home so they can grow their own. <3 

These seasonal activities have added a sprinkle of delight to our work in the classroom. I am encouraging many students to “uplevel their learning” with a gentle push to step out of their comfort zone when choosing activities. A lesson that has been very popular lately is pouring with a teapot. For the preparation of a tea-making lesson to come, the children have been practicing how to pour a teapot while holding the lid. Another favorite lesson with our older students has been an extension with the Sensorial materials where they place the pieces around the classroom and then have to build in the sequence, retrieving each piece in order from around the environment. Ms. Kirstan’s beautiful cursive writing has inspired many students to practice writing their sounds. There has been a great deal of treasured moments of a classroom that is humming with learning, activity, and joyful children exploring their world.

Montessori Connection: How to Present A Montessori Activity

  1. Prepare activity with all parts ready for use at a designated work area. Remember items should be child-sized and amounts only as much as you are comfortable cleaning up;-)
  2. Invite the child for the lesson
  3. Sit next to the child and demonstrate how to work with the material using analyzed movements. Use points of interest by exaggerating movements that are key to accomplishing the task.
  4. Invite child to have a turn
  5. “Shimmer away” and observe. 
  6. The child can work with the activity as long as they desire. When complete, assist with clean up steps as needed.

Song Sharing: Full Moon Overhead

Full Moon Overhead

Pumpkins lying on a vine

Leaves turning crimson red

Grapes crushed into wine

Halloween time tonight

Spirits everywhere

Take a walk at midnight

Shadows give you a scare