The other day, I overheard the sweetest conversation between three of the children in our class. They were talking about how much they loved our school. It warmed my heart so much! This is the kind of feeling we have at Little Hoku right now. As we welcome new students into our class, the children are being so kind, patient, helpful, and loving. It is really amazing to witness.

The past few weeks we have been focusing on the activities of Practical Life. This area of the classroom includes activities that help the children care for themselves and the classroom environment. Some of the basic skills exercised with these activities are: pouring, spooning, carrying pitchers of water and trays, and folding. Included in this area are the activities of food preparation and sewing. Food preparation is especially popular right now! These exercises provide the child with opportunities for inspiration, repetition, and concentration on precise details. In addition they work on perfecting the coordination of movement of the whole body and movement of the hand.

At the beginning of the year we also focus on Grace and Courtesy. This is what Montessori calls the lessons that show how we conduct the simple exchanges of social life. Some social relations we are practicing include: how to move in the classroom, how to greet the teacher and each other, how to walk around a rug, and observe someone who is working. We have been working on making eye contact and using the right hand. Ask your child for a handshake.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ms. Eva