Maui Tumbler logo | Blue silhouette of person stretchingWe are excited to announce we now offer gymnastics/ tumbling classes. Little Hoku Montessori Academy recently partnered with Maui Tumblers to offer the classes. Gymnastics classes are held at Little Hoku Montessori Academy. Your child will be able to participate in a 30-minute class. The class will be offered on Mondays, from 11:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Classes consist of a warm-up and stretching, skills review, and a variety of different equipment. Lessons will aid in skill-building and strength conditioning through fun and active games.

The classes are open to Little Hoku students, as well as the public. (Students do not have to be enrolled at Little Hoku.) Registration is required.

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About Maui Tumblers

Maui Tumblers is a mobile gymnastics company bringing our equipment and coaching skills directly to your school. They provide supervision and guidance by a trained adult to ensure proper skill progression. Every week, your child can participate in a movement class consisting of warm up and stretching, skills review, new skill activity, obstacle courses, conditioning and fun games. We offer a safe and non-competitive learning environment, where each student will be able to have fun, meet and play with others, learn new skills and develop physically. We also offer private classes, birthday party and event packages, and week-long circus camps.