Well, we are really rocking and rolling now. 🙂 The children are feeling comfortable at school and familiar with all of the routines. They have all had a good amount of lessons, to begin with, and are practicing following their inner directives as they choose what they are interested in from the shelves. We have been working in small groups with the Sound Game and learning new songs and fingerplays. It is wonderful to see the children connecting with each other and trying new things in their work in the classroom.

The Sound Game is a great game that helps the children identify the sounds in words. You can also play it at home:-) At school, we use a box of 8-10 small objects. These objects are frequently changed for interest and working with a variety of sounds. Some of these objects have the same beginning sound but different ending sounds. I isolate 2 objects in front of the child, and say, “I’m thinking of something in my hand that starts with ​m (for example)​ ”. For the next level, we use 2 objects with the same beginning sound and different ending sounds, “I’m thinking of something in my hand that starts with ​m​ and ends with ​t​ .” For the third level, I ask them what other sounds they hear in the word and then we put them in order. We always just validate what the child is hearing. We do not say their answer is wrong, we just repeat back to them what they heard. This version of I- Spy using sounds is a game that can be played in many settings including nature. Have fun with it!


Song To Share

Mango Fandango


Mama, Mama, I want a mango
Papa, Papa, please papaya
No, No, Nana, a ripe banana 
Kiwi kiwi kiwi kiwi quince.


Red berries, berries blue
These are fruits so good for you.
Cherries, cherries sweet and new,
And coconuts, yes the’re fruits too.
Orange oranges, lemons yellow
Fill my tummy sweet and mellow.
Vitamins grown on a tree
In pretty packages for you and me.
Kiwi Kiwi Kiwi quince 3x, then Cha Cha Cha!)