What a joy it is to come to school each day to work and play with all of your lovely children:-) I would like to welcome a new student and her family to our school. It is wonderful to have another addition to our school family.

Counting Numbers and Math

In classroom news, we are starting to see many of our 4 years old children gravitating towards our math shelf, with much interest in counting. We are currently working with the numbers 1-10, recognizing the symbols, and associating the correct quantity. After 1-10 is solid, we continue to the teens. After the teens, we begin counting from 1-100. When this milestone has been reached our bead cabinet opens up for further exploration of linear counting and skip counting. I’m excited to take their love for counting higher and higher.

Supporting Our Children Through Art

I would also like to share a bit with you about our art area. I feel very lucky to have a full room in the classroom we can devote to art. Supporting children as they develop creative thinking and personal expression is an important part of my job as their guide. At this time in our art area, we are giving lessons and encouraging practice in a number of basic skills for working with art materials. These skills include: cutting on the line, gluing, crayoning, painting with one color of tempera paint, creating mosaics, drawing with felt tip markers, watercolor, and play-doh. Your child may have come home with an envelope full of cutting work they have done. Feel free to use this in an art piece at home or as a prop for pretend play perhaps.

We have quite a few advanced artists! Once the children have mastered the basic skills, more extensions are added to the activities. As the year progresses, the shelf and materials will open and give way to a free form invitation for creating. This is the first year I have set up our art area like this, and I am excited to see how it develops. H


  • Please visit Class Dojo. I love sharing photos from the day with you all.
  • Practice with your child so they are able to put on the shoes they wear to school independently.
  • Don’t forget a spoon/fork in your child’s lunch box if needed.


This is my school

This is my school
My place to work and play.
My friends and I
Are living out each day.
Washing a table,
Polishing a cup,
Everyday I’m growing up.
This is my school.
My place to work and play