What a wonderful couple of weeks we have had in the classroom:-) The children all seem so happy throughout the day as they engage with their peers, teachers, and the classroom environment. When conflicts arise they are exercising a greater level of skill as they express their feelings with words, showing empathy and kindness towards others.

We have a sound/ letter learning fever going on right now, which is awesome:-)) There is so much interest across the levels for working with the Sandpaper Letters and learning the sounds they make. A handful of the 2nd year students are on the cusp of reading, which is also very exciting. I love seeing and being a part of each child’s own interest and passion in this work. It feels so natural, meaningful, and fun!

For those families that attended our zoom meeting this past Wednesday, I wanted to thank you for coming and for your insightful questions. I love talking about Montessori philosophy, so please feel free to ask any questions at any time. For those who missed it, here are a few of the takeaway points.

Montessori Connection: The Kindergarten year in a Montessori classroom 

The Montessori program is designed as a 3-year experience. The child’s third year in the Montessori classroom is where all of the child’s learning and foundational exercises from the previous 2 years come together. This year can also be called the leadership year and is a very valuable aspect of the child’s experience. This year of leadership gives the child immeasurable self-esteem and intellectual confidence. There is also an increased set of expectations and privileges in the classroom. These older children also reinforce their academic skills by helping other children, a well-documented way to consolidate knowledge.

Given the teacher knows the children so well, no time is lost in assessing and we are able to jump right into learning.  We will be building upon what the child already knows and encourage them to go as far as possible. Third-year students are ready to explode into more complex learning and discovery and they delve into a wealth of new and interesting materials. They are guided to take on more and more complex work.

It is so special to see these children blossom into this role from where they began in the classroom. We are thrilled to have such a fantastic group of Kindergarteners for next school year. :-)) I can’t wait to see the kinds of leaders they will become.

Song Sharing: Mister Moon

Mister Moon, Mister Moon you’re up too soon

The sun is still in the sky.

Go back to bed and cover up your head

And wait till the day goes by.

Twas on a summer’s evening

I walked the forest through.

And then I heard some singing 

A soft and sweet cuckoo

“Cuckoo Cuckoo”

A soft and sweet cuckoo

“Cuckoo Cuckoo”

A soft and sweet cuckoo.