Welcome Back to Returning Students and Welcome to New Students!

We have just wrapped up our first full week of school. The children are very busy in the classroom, learning all of the routines and procedures, and bonding with new friends. I have been amazed at how quickly our new students are learning all of the things they have to do at school. We have a delightful group, hungry for lessons and new experiences.

We are laying the foundation with what Montessori calls ​Grace and Courtesy​. ​Grace and Courtesy​ is the cornerstone for how everything flows in the Montessori classroom. We give lessons on things like:

  • how to find a work space
  • how to carry a tray with something on it
  • how to wash hands
  • how to unroll/roll a work rug
  • how to ask for help
  • how to observe someone working

We demonstrate the appropriate behavior and social interactions to use through modeling and role-playing. The children are then given a turn to practice. We follow these lessons with observations, deciding what lessons need to be repeated and what additional lessons are needed to create a calm and respectful classroom environment.

Grace and Courtesy​ is a section of what we refer to as ​Practical Life​. The ​Practical Life area is the heart of the classroom where children first develop concentration, gain confidence in their abilities, and practice control of movement. This is where every child begins. Even our returning students are encouraged to work with the lessons they have had in this area. It is where they can really settle and feel grounded. Your child may be working with lessons like:

  • Pouring water/ grains
  • Spooning
  • Bead stringing
  • Polishing wood/ metal
  • Using a screwdriver
  • Opening and closing containers
  • Squeezing a sponge

I really miss having the families come inside the classroom! Check out the photos from the first week 🙂 There are so many precious moments happening daily. I’m in love with your children! 


  • Please do your best to pack all of your child’s food (snacks and lunch) in one lunch box with a handle your child can carry. Everyone carries their own lunch outside to eat, so this will make that easier for them.
  • Please bring nap supplies back to school after washing in a reusable bag, which can be used again at the end of the week to carry back home.