Settling Into Our Routine

Bit by bit we are getting into the routine of our school day:-) I continue to be amazed by how quickly the children are learning what to do at school. Grace and courtesy is still a priority, as we practice the means to conduct social relations and the kind of actions that are expected. We are beginning to explore drama games to help with physical control and group cohesion. Many of the children are working with the Practical Life preliminaries, but are starting to dip their toes into counting and identifying sounds in words. Our days are busy and we love it! I’ve shared a little bit about our Practical Life area below.

Practical Life

Practical Life is often known as the heart of the classroom. Practical Life exercises are a point of entry for every child, no matter their age. It is through the exercises of Practical Life that the children start to feel a sense of connection to the environment as they are orienting to school. There are many activities in this area including: spooning, pouring water, folding cloths, polishing wood/metal, using a screwdriver, washing a table, and sewing. These activities will change and rotate throughout the year as children work toward mastery of these skills and are ready for increasing levels of difficulty. It is an area where through imitation of everyday activities, the child works on perfecting the coordination of movement, develops their internal order, and perfects logical sequencing. In this area, the children learn how to care for the classroom environment, and their own self care. Including your child in many of the Practical Life activities in your home is a great thing to do as well. Children love to feel they are contributing to their household and are an important member of the family.

We will be adding a few new lessons to this area; flower arranging, orange juicing, banana slicing, and apple slicing. Please see the attached link to our google form, and sign up for the weeks that work best for you. These lessons are very popular and I’m so excited to bring them back into the classroom. Thank you so much for your contribution!

The school phone number is: (808) 866-6380. Please text or call this number with any messages that need our attention during school hours.
Lunch boxes are looking great! Nice work everyone:-) Don’t forget to include a napkin.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns. I miss the face to face time I usually have with all families at school.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Ms Eva